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With our no hassle pricing plans

Microbological Test
  • Monthly Test
  • Coliform
  • HPC
  • Monthly status reports
Bacteriological Test
  • Monthly Analysis
  • Monthly status reports
PhysicoChemical Test
  • Every 6 Months
  • Mandatory DOH-16
  • CL10
  • Monthly status reports

About Us

Water testing is a broad description for various procedures used to analyse water quality. Millions of water quality tests are carried out daily to fulfil regulatory requirements and to maintain safety as access to safe drinking is not only essential for the promotion and protection of public health but is a basic human right, Monitoring water quality by having it tested regularly is an important part of maintaining a safe and reliable source.

Testing the water allows a knowledgeable approach to address the specific problems of a water supply and to determine the effectiveness of water treatment. It is important to test the suitability of your water quality for its intended purpose whether it is livestock watering or drinking water. This will assist you in making informed decisions about your water and how you use it. The existence of WWTLI is to provide water quality testing and support products for “We exceed the boundaries of water testing”, to serve you at our best.

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